Am I like the kid that didn’t hear the bell for recess? Everyone else knew it was recess time except THAT kid. I guess I’m that kid. I’m sitting in my classroom, clueless, while everyone else is down in the schoolyard, playing.

I knew some of this, but not all. After reading the information on the “Sacred Texts” website, I feel the need to be more reverent toward God’s Word.

From the Sacred Texts website, I learned the following:
…Insofar as Jewish texts reflect the revealed will of God, Jews have treated the texts themselves, like the stone tablets of the [ark of the] covenant, as sources of holiness.
…The Holiness of a Jewish text inheres [exist essentially or permanently in] both in the form and the content of the text.
…Different books possess different levels of sanctity, and Jewish custom even prescribes which books may be stacked on top of others.
…The Torah, as the pre-eminent sacred text, is considered perfect.
…Some Jewish scholars have divided Jewish literature into two main realms, Halakhah (lit. going, or path), which is understood broadly as Jewish behavior, and Aggadah (lit. telling), which is understood as the meaning attributed to those behaviors. It is not the case that Halakhah has a greater sanctity than Aggadah, for the two are understood as mutually reinforcing.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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