Month: March 2019

Cloudy with a chance of weirdness

Now, neither my wife nor I have suffered even a smidge from these rebuffs, but I am reminded that it is both natural and healthy for Christians to suffer in this world. That may seem odd, but I see it as an enduring aspect of Christianity’s life in this world. Just look at what Jesus said.

Continual Believing

Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”

Hey mister, are you my neighbor?

Lyrics to Mr. (Fred) Rogers’s Neighborhood song:It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,A beautiful day for a neighbor,Would you be mine?Could you be mine? We live next door to an elderly widow who has re-taught us how to be a neighbor. She welcomed us to the neighborhood with her home-baked cake. And, since that time, …

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Through the Lineage – Part 3 of 3

When we read the genealogies in Matthew and Luke, we see four important titles ascribed to Jesus of Nazareth.

Through the Lineage – Part 2 of 3

Luke traces Christ’s genealogy from King David’s son, Nathan, whereas Matthew traces the genealogy from King Solomon.

Jewish Man

Through the Lineage – Part 1 of 3

Luke maintained the continuity of Christ’s genealogy from Jesus back to God. Also, the omission of the definite article “the” for Joseph followed the mechanism Jews used to include a woman within a genealogy.

Little girl that is happy

Happy International Happiness Day!

My understanding is that external declarations (don’t worry; be happy) only affect us (okay today I’ll be happy) when we acknowledge the authority that makes the declaration…

Man pulling his hair as he stares at his laptop, p

Effective and Productive

Of course, what I prayed was in the will of God; that was not the problem. The problem I had was that I didn’t pay attention…

Are you kidding?

I wanted to says, “Are you kidding!” For, there was no way this could have happened as there was a perfectly cut chunk of hair cut out right in front.

Order from Disorder

All of these Scriptures testify to God’s intent to keep all things in a fitting and orderly way.

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