Are you a gadfly?

It is heartbreaking to look at the “grand view” of Christianity in our world today. The geography of the Church has shifted so as to be unrecognizable from just ten years ago. The locations where people are “all in” for Jesus are far away from America. What have we done to our country?

Great revivals, great miracles, great sacrifices, great humility, great love are alive and integrated into churches from India to Nigeria, and, surprisingly, on U.S. military bases, but rarely in the local churches in America. American churches suffer from what this Indian missionary preaches:

Do you know what the greatest sin of the century is? We preach to the preached, we bless the blessed, we convert the converted, and we baptize the baptized, we comfort the comforted, but we neglect the neglected.

Head-to-foot missionaryBhalchandra KambleMay 23 at 2:17 PM

Our human nature is to justify why we fail God and then try to attempt to persuade Him to give us “one more chance.”  However, it is crucial to understand that Jesus, our Lord, expects us to change. God expects us to receive His mercy so we convey His grace to other people.

Jesus is the Alpha, the beginning of all things, but He is also the Omega, the Last, the end of all things. He outlasts and transcends. He goes beyond the limits of our faults. We find this in Revelation 22:13, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

It gives me hope to know that I cannot fail bigger than Jesus can save, but the mandate from heaven is, “Will I change? Will I be like Jesus, or will I become comfortable as a Christian gadfly?” I pray that I will change to be like Jesus.

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