When they had sung a hymn

There is a small lesson I’d like to share with you. It amazes me how little things in life can craft our most meaningful moments and alter our lives. Society tells us we must do things on a grand scale, go big or go home, and to seek life-altering extravaganzas to create life-affirming experiences – they rarely do.

A few meaningful moments with a family member, friend, or even a passing stranger can often teach us more than the big events in life. For example, my son, daughter-in-law, and I took a selfie a couple of years ago when I traveled to their home for a visit. That selfie captured a special moment that will live with me forever.

Just such a small piece of family history is what I want to share with you today. Growing up with Godly parents was a real blessing. So, to my joy, while reading God’s Word today, a little jewel plopped out. The verse related to a childhood memory I had recently shared with my wife .

My wife and I were talking about the Bible and something triggered a memory. I remembered something my Mother said after every, and I do mean every, communion service. She wasn’t a Bible teacher like my Dad, but she sure knew the “where and why” for her beliefs. Anyway, the Scripture I read this morning was Mark 14:26. It’s about the Lord’s Supper, and it states, “When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.”

That verse made an indelible mark on Mom. She always was frustrated with the way most communion services were performed. The church (small “c”) would typically throw communion somewhere into its standard service; the beginning, middle or end; it didn’t seem to matter. That riled Mom.

After the service, she would be sure to tell us how communion was supposed to be performed. She would say, “You share communion, sing a (i.e., one) hymn and leave – no chatting in the sanctuary. That’s just how it’s supposed to be done; that’s how Jesus did it.”

She was correct, as we just read in Mark 14:26. When I read that verse today, I could hear her voice, see her face, feel her conviction. Mom has been gone for quite a while, so this morning’s verse sure felt good.

You know, I remembered her lesson and still believe it. That’s the power of small things from human lives. We each have these opportunities nearly every day. Let’s not overlook them while we’re looking for the “big thing.”

Photo by Michael Maasen on Unsplash

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