Pray Fervently

a big fish

Remember the account of Jonah running away from God? Look at what Jonah did. “Then Jonah prayed to the LORD his God from the belly of the fish…” (Jonah 2:1 ESV) Even when we run away from a work God has called us to do, and even while running away from God we find ourselves in trouble, even then, God will hear our prayers. In fact, we may be precisely where God wants us to be.

Often, only when we are in the middle of a mess, a mess that we’ve created, only then are we ready to get down to business with God. When all is well, we may be praying, but we expect little. But wow, can we pray when we find ourselves in the belly of a fish.

When we’re in the middle of it, we will be quoting Scriptures to God, claiming the blood of Jesus, claiming promises, and crying for the Holy Spirit’s leading. It’s shocking to hear a true believer pray fervently for help when they find themselves in the GI tract of a fish that shouldn’t even exist!

Still, God hears these prayers from His children, and He desires that we pray this same way for the Christians in Syria and the kidnapped girls in Nigeria and our unsaved neighbors next door. Remember, it was the Church at Laodicea that was repugnant to Jesus because that church was neither hot nor cold (Revelation 3:16).

Be bold. Pray fervently!

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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