Month: March 2020

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From Eve To Mary

There’s something special about God’s promise that echoed down through the generations of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David, and finally, by an angel, to this young virgin, Mary.

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The Faith of Eve

So now we see that Eve understands God is at work in her. That Cain is the first born son, a type of Adam. As the first born son, Cain occupies a special place within the family and within the lineage of Adam. Cain does until he throws it away!

Redemption, Recovery, and Restoration

Redemption, recovery, and restoration are hallmarks of God. We will see many of these as we continue our quest to find Christ in Christianity.

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As we excavate in search of Christ in Christianity, we will discover Christ our Redeemer, Christ the Father’s Recoverer, and Christ the Restorer.

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Jesus, Adam, and Eve

Eve is a foreshadowing of the Church. Now we learn that God’s promise to Abraham is for his seed and that seed is Jesus.

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The Church in Genesis

Eve was a real person but she was also a type or foreshadowing of the Church, the Bride of Christ. Eve was the bride of Adam and the Church is the Bride of Christ Jesus.

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Jesus Was There

If we stroll back to the Creation of all things, we will find God. We’re on a mission to discover Christ in Christianity. Our first task is to clear away all the layers of “good intentions” and the cruft that has gathered on the narrative of Creation.

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Finding Christ in Christianity – v2.0

I decided to start this blog after one of my sons said he was struggling with his faith. He felt that Scriptures did not align. He began calling himself a “red letter” Christian, believing the words of Jesus, printed in red, were the only reliable words.

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Direction from the Lord

I do try to diligently listen to the Holy Spirit as He directs me in my prayers and in my life, but there are times I hear but I don’t “do;” that always turns out bad.

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1 + 1 ≠ 2

It’s easy to look at something and see what we expect while missing what can be discovered. Those of us who regularly post blogs know the value of fresh eyes.

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