People Need the Lord

a man kneeling in prayer

No matter what you’ve done, you can be saved. No matter what you feel, you can be saved. No matter where you are, you can be saved. It doesn’t matter if people think you are saved; you can be saved.

You may ask, “Gary, how do I know that God exists? My friends and I make fun of Christians. We use Jesus as a swear word. We are confident that science has disproved all ‘God-based’ religions. So why should I believe you?”

Why believe me? Don’t! Who am I that you should believe what I say? But there is another, and it is He that has led you here. It is He that speaks to your soul, that speaks to the very depths of who you are. Listen to Him. Listen to Jesus. What you’ve done, what you feel, what others think, or where you are at is not a limitation to Jesus. 

Here’s the truth. People need the Lord. The tugging at your heart, the tears at the corner of your eyes, the heaviness within you. The Master is calling. Give your heart to Jesus. Go here. I’ve explained how to be saved: Salvation.

For the rest of us that have been on this great adventure for a while, please take a few minutes and listen to this powerful song, “People Need the Lord.” We all need to be reminded of our soul purpose in life.

Youtube person singing "People Need the Lord"
Youtube: George Adaclog singing “People Need the Lord”
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