Month: January 2021

photo of parental rating on a TV

Neutralize Acid

So, the rating czars decided that a show containing violence, sex, and drug use was ok for fourteen-year-old kids. Wow.

messy office

Why is Christianity Messy?

It took the Church over three hundred years to make an official declaration that Jesus is the second person of the triune God. Mind you, the Apostle John wrote this in the first chapter of his first book!

God of Every Blessing

People can do good things for other people, but a blessing only comes from God.

pregnant mother with young boy

Nature verses Nature

Behind our English translation is something quite interesting. The Bible commonly uses the word “nature” to lead us to one of two conditions: humanity’s nature is sin, or humanity’s nature became sin.

two young girls dressed up as princesses

The Story of a Princess Bride

The dangerous man said to her, “Thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it.”

six shooter gun

Quick Draw McGraw

When you or I whip out a bank card or smartphone to pay for something, do we stop and consider our banker? Our bank? No.

closet doors

God Sides With You

Our spiritual “deflector shields” (nod to Star Trek) collapse from exhaustion, repetition, and alienation.

Faith Says “Thank You”

Faith that is true faith, when it comes to the end of a prayer it says, “Thank you.”

My Time and My Culture

When the Word of God comes into us, it arrives with a purpose. It arrives to be born for God’s specific will.

Contend not Coerce

To contend for the faith, we use proof and persuasion within the Holy Spirit’s boundaries. We know when we have wandered off into human debate.

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