Month: April 2021

sunlight streaming into a forest

The Light of Life

God’s divine touch brings us in contact with the light of life.

living room with a footstool

A footstool for Jesus

So, what do you think? Is it a literal footstool or a literary tool to express Jesus conquering all His enemies and causing them to submit to His Lordship, as King of kings and Lord of lords?

book - I am an American

A Citizen of the Kingdom of God

Therefore, every person that turns to God turns to Him as a refugee. We are fleeing the wrath to come.

Live Feed Bible Study

As a guest teacher, I’m currently teaching a Bible study at Otter Creek Christian church based on my book, “Finding Christ in the Pentateuch.” If you’d like, join us each Tuesday at 10:30 AM Eastern time. You can find the live feed at:Rock Excavation Service | Facebook

diary with coffee

But When

History is filled with “but when’s,” yet none matter when we remind ourselves of the “but when’s” of Jesus.

used car lot

Co-Sign for Me?

This makes Jesus the guarantor of the New Covenant, the covenant that contains the provisions for our salvation and promise of resurrection.

college wrestling

Why, God?

To us, God has two wills. One “will” is His unrevealed, will, and the other is His revealed will. For God, it’s just one will.

candy hearts that have the word "truth" on them

A million lies cannot produce a single truth

It makes no difference how pervasive a heresy is, it’s still a lie, and it cannot provide life.

pots of soil

Good Soil

Seeds can be sown correctly, spaced correctly, fertilized correctly, but without good soil they will never germinate, they will never grow and produce fruit. So, what is “good soil?” Good soil seems to have three things. It has dirt. It has sun. It has water (moisture). Think about it, for a seed to grow it …

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empty church


No, I don’t love the pain, suffering, and loss that COVID has dealt our world. I don’t like the isolation or the friction between the many factions that evolved from COVID health management. But there is an aspect of what COVID caused that I love. The COVID pandemic has reawaken the Church. A haven and …

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