Month: August 2021

pic of path in the jungle

A Jungle

Our Jungle My wife and I live in a small, 1950s subdivision. Nearly every house in our subdivision, including ours, has been added on to. In 1950, people could raise four kids in a two-bedroom, one bath house. Now it takes at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms for two people. This is definitely a …

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401K – Corban

This may seem like an interesting backstory, but not relevant to our modern world. Well… Here’s the rub.

pic of a covered wagon

My Oregon Trail

On my journey with Jesus, I discovered that my progress was so slow because I was carrying two burdens.

pic of an approaching storm

Storm On the Horizon

As Jesus so often does, He “rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Peace! Be still!'”

man doing woodwork

The Luthier

Before God spoke anything into existence, He selected a purpose of each of His children. Then God crafted His intent into us.

Believing in Jesus Brings us into God’s Supernatural

Christianity is supernatural for Christians are born of the spirit. In Jesus, we are beyond the natural.

Small plastic figures dressed as Star Wars characters walking across Abbey Road

It Matters

This high praise was from the Pharisees, but they held deceit in their hearts, and eventually crucified Jesus.

Path on a mountain trail

The Edge of Danger

When I was a young guy, perhaps eleven or twelve, a missionary visited my church. He was the first missionary I’d ever seen. Oh, I had heard stories of missionaries living in distant lands, but those were just stories to me until I met the real deal. That Sunday night, he came to our youth …

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help wanted sign

Work Isn’t a Four-Letter Word!

Well, yes, work has four letters, but it should not be thrown in with THE four-letter words. I read a meme yesterday that said, “The best job to have right now is making ‘Help Wanted’ signs!” I have never seen so many job openings in my life. Homemade Scripture Years ago, I heard a sermon …

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fire insurance - house fire

More Than Fire Insurance

Fires do happen, and when they do, it’s shocking how they can completely change beautiful things into carbon, useful for nothing.

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