Marvel. No, not the Movies

Picture of Hulk

I admit it. There are several Marvel movies that I enjoy. Iron Man was fun, and Hulk is probably my favorite character. But, today, I would like us to consider a different marvel.

Jesus marvels

God continually pours out His love, but He will not support people that refuse help. There are only two times in the Bible when Jesus marveled at something. Jesus marveled at the great faith of a Roman centurion (Luke 7:9), and He marveled at the great unbelief in His hometown (Mark 6:7).

The Roman centurion did not hesitate to seek help from Jesus. He did so swiftly and with great faith. And he received his plea; Jesus healed his dying servant. Jesus also marveled at the people of His hometown who were unwilling to be healed. His friends and neighbors, perhaps even aunts, uncles, cousins, and acquaintances in the markets, all refused help from Jesus. It’s no wonder that He marveled at them.

There are several times in the New Testament when people marveled at Jesus, or at what He said: (Matthew 8:27, Matthew 9:33). But Jesus marveled at the faith of an unlikely believer, and He marveled at the lack of faith of a group of people that should have believed.

Let’s marvel at our Savior

I pray each of us will marvel Jesus. I pray that you and I demonstrate faith in Him so purely that He leans back on His throne, nudges Father God, and says, “Look at this person’s faith. It’s marvelous!

Image by Alexander Gounder from Pixabay

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