Hey Chris, Come on Down

kids with a lemonade stand

I read (skimmed) an article in a magazine that my wife receives – she still likes paper. The human-interest story was about a kid that would climb up the tree in his front yard to watch a road construction crew building a road near his home. This was back when all the work was done by human labor, so progress was slow. Still, each day the workers got closer.

One day, the boy climbed up in the tree and he saw that they would be quite close to his home. Big trucks were passing right in front of his house. This was his chance for success! It was hot and the men were working hard, they would all be thirsty! He quickly climbed down the tree and, with his mother’s help, built a lemonade stand.

Don’t Stay in the Tree

It worked. The work crew started buying his lemonade. This boy’s story made me think of Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a man of small stature with a big reputation, and not a good one. He was a chief tax collector. The best modern-day example I could think of is that Zacchaeus was as despicable as the worst leader of a political party to which you are not affiliated. I’m serious. He was despised

Now Zacchaeus had a burning desire to see Jesus, so, like that boy, he and hope climbed up in a tree. Jesus came along with His entourage and the ever-changing crowd of followers ding-donging Him for something. Amid the tumult, He looks up and says, “Zacchaeus, come on down. I need to have dinner with you!” Let’s read Jesus’ account:

When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” So he came down at once and welcomed him gladly. Luke 19:5–6

Jesus Calls Us by Name

Just like that boy, Zacchaeus scurries down the tree, excited and joyful. Zacchaeus wanted to demonstrate to the crowd that his faith was now in Jesus, he would no longer extort money from everyone. So, he made a financially devastating decision, but Zacchaeus didn’t care because he had his eyes set on eternity. He understood money and knew that money comes, and money goes, but when Jesus calls you by name, you had better take up His offer.

This truth is true for the saved as for the unsaved. We all need to listen for Jesus to call us by name. When He does, He is providing us with an opportunity to touch eternity, to touch God! How can any of us pass up such an opportunity? Life, purpose, community, being valued and loved are just the fine print of God’s benefits package. God has the desire and ability to accomplish in us whatever he calls us to. But we must answer.

Hey Gary, come on down! Hey Chris, come on down. Hey Abhilash, hey Max, hey Susan, come on down. I want to go to your home and have a meal with you. I know you by name!

Image by Mary Bettini Blank from Pixabay

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