Back of the Bleachers

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If you’ve ever attended a major sporting event or musical concert, it’s likely that you ended up in the “nose-bleed” section. That is the place that is so far away and so high up in the bleachers that the athletes or musicians look like tiny ants.

I think it was the first real date I took my girlfriend (wife) on. We went to a concert by the Christian group, “2nd Chapter of Acts.” The band was marvelous, but being so far away, I was distracted by the hundreds of people that sat in my line of sight. The talking and moving about diminished the experience. Well, I might have been distracted by the beautiful, intelligent, and fascinating girl sitting next to me. 😉

Anyway, today in church, I had a flashback to that first date. I realized that the further away I sat, the more there was to distract me. If I want to be the Christian that Jesus wants me to be, I need to get as close as I can to Him. If I hang back, I miss some of what He wants me to hear, some of who He wants me to be. 

If I want all of Jesus, then I must be more passionate than a Green Bay Packers fan. I must press in, and squeeze through all the distractions. That’s what the woman with the “issue of blood” did (Luke 8:43–48). If a weakened woman can get past the crowd, I should be able to. And I am going to. I hope you do, also.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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