Why do the nations rage?

I enjoy discovering a verse to a Christian song as I’m reading my Bible. In today’s devotional, we’ll be looking at Acts 4, and verse twenty-five is used in a favorite song of mine by the late Rich Mullens. His song, “Why do the nations rage” is truly powerful. Here’s his opening verse: Verse: Why …

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New Address, Same Service!

Our new home is at rockexcavationservice.org


We are told by Jesus to: “ask and ye shall receive”. Asking changes our direction, from selfishness to surrender. That very action of asking is a surrendering and a recognition that the one you ask has something you don’t have.


Thanks for taking the time to read these devotionals. I am taking some time off. I hope to restart these in the near future.

There’s a coupon for you

If you hand a full-price coupon on soap to the cashier in your grocery store they take the coupon as a substitution for cash for the amount due. When you do this you are redeeming the soap with the coupon. The coupon is the substitution for the full amount required for you to get the soap; the store, as the owner of the soap, …

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Confess your sin, quickly.

Psalms 32 is a great psalm to study. There are many opportunities to branch out and explore the many characteristics of God and to examine humanity’s frailties and God’s loving arm of recovery. However, here in this devotional, I want to look at a single message God wants us to hear: the biggest mistake a …

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All truths are not to be spoken to all persons at all times

Truth is true wherever you find it for all truth comes from Jesus. You may find truth in a secular song, a novel, or just in everyday conversations. But, remember, Jesus is the source of truth for He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through …

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Twice, I’ve witnessed an inheritance from a parent to their children result in considerable damage to family relationships.

We are all connected

No man is an island – a poem by John Donne (1572-1631) No man is an island,Entire of itself,Every man is a piece of the continent,A part of the main.If a clod be washed away by the sea,Europe is the less.As well as if a promontory were.As well as if a manor of thy friend’sOr …

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The answer is…

My wife and I had been praying for nearly two years about making a move, but God remained silent. However, on a lark, one day we drove to our hometown to look at a house we found online, just for fun. That house wasn’t “it,” but our realtor told us about a house that was …

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