A good life is like a good song

A Good Song - Sheet Music

A good life is like a good song. For a life made alive by Jesus, your song is even more complex and enthralling.

He imparts a rhythm within you, a steadiness, a protecting hand keeping you from being tossed about as the problems of life assail you.

Your melody rests upon that rhythm – birthdays, babies, baseball, and countless beginnings, each soaring high and resounding low comprising your tune. And the endings; pauses within your song; some you celebrate and some you mourn but all contribute to the melody of your life — unique yet similar to all.

The song of your life will likely change time signatures, keys and harmonies from family, friends, co-workers, employers, houses, locations and so many, many others, all adding richness and texture to your life’s song. However, a timing mistake, as your song plays out, impacts everyone. All struggle to regain their place, as do you.


The rests, pauses in a song, may be the most challenging aspect when performed, but those quiet moments bring out the song’s beauty and texture. For your song, and mine, I think God may have had this idea of ‘rests’ in mind when King David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote Psalms 27:14 (NIV):

Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.

It’s so difficult to wait – not procrastination but a wait directed by our Lord. It takes strength, and it takes heart to hold back until the exact time to burst forth with the rhythm, melody, and harmony of the song Christ Jesus desires for you. Wait and be strong. As your life unfolds, you can have the power of Jesus to perform your song. One that will be remembered for generations to come.

Photo by Lorenzo Spoleti on Unsplash

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