A photo of Max, my cat.

That’s Impossible!

I’m sitting at my computer, starting to write my devotional. Max, my OCD cat is sitting between my keyboard and monitor. His tail keeps swishing across my keyboard and I keep pushing it away. I suppose he thinks it’s a game.

As I’m writing, I’m also snacking on Ritz crackers and Nutella. I get a bit of Nutella on a butter knife and spread it on the cracker: sweet, salty, chocolaty perfection. 

Just now, I pushed Max’s tail aside, placed a cracker on my keyboard, got a dab of Nutella on my knife, and was about to pick up the cracker. Plop! Nutella fell off my knife, heading straight for my keyboard. But, wow, it landed on the cracker! That’s impossible!

So the whole Nutella-cracker event got me thinking about the impossible.

When we read John 11:38-44 we learn Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. To the crowd of people around Jesus, the idea of Lazarus coming back to life was impossible. Even Martha was uncertain.  What was impossible, Jesus did; Lazarus was raised from the dead. 

We understandably focus on the “coming back to life” part. But Jesus always finishes what He starts. He doesn’t just do the big stuff. Jesus said, “Unbind him, and let him go.” (John 11:44)

Jesus still does the impossible today. If you or a loved one are bound by something call on Jesus. That’s what Mary and Martha did when Lazarus was in need (John 11:3). Jesus will not only bring life, He will also unbind and let you go.

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* Nutella is not a paid AD. I just like the stuff.