Jewish Seder

Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread

Since Jesus is the Passover Lamb, He had to die on a Friday, the day of Preparation, because that’s when the Passover lamb was killed and prepared for the Passover meal on the Sabbath. Jesus is the sacrificial lamb whose blood allows God’s judgement to “pass over” us.


Jesus in Deuteronomy, Conclusion

Moses spoke of a deliverer that was to come in the future. Tucked into the summary of the Law, in the eighteenth chapter of Deuteronomy, while referring to the punishment of false prophets, Moses gave a remarkable prophecy.


Deuteronomy: Hear, O Israel

The Law rests in the center of this book, nestled within the message of Grace which is found in the prologue and epilog. We need go no further to see Jesus in Deuteronomy than to see Jesus in the structure of this book

Tapestry of Peter and John at the Eastern Gate

Jesus in Deuteronomy

Our approach has been to unequivocally verify Jesus in each of the first five books of the Bible, the Pentateuch. We’ve exceeded our goal in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. Now we are going to focus on just two sites in Deuteronomy that beautifully foreshadow Jesus.

The Eastern Gate in Jerusalem

The Rock of Numbers

The Book of Numbers, part 2 – Well, we’ve seen Jesus, once again, in the book of Numbers. I hope we are more acutely aware that all the Scriptures speak to us about Jesus, our Savior.


Book of Numbers

The difficulties, battles, and temptations which the Church faces, have been choreographed to us through the Israelites travail in their wilderness journey from Egypt to Canaan. Their wilderness journey speaks to the Church.

a picture of two goats

Two Goats

As we found last time, Jesus became THE sin sacrifice, once for all time, to conquer sin in the bloodline of Adam – Jesus is called the second Adam.

picture of a bull

Full of Types and Foreshadows

As we are seeing, every aspect of the Day of Atonement is full of types and foreshadows. The imperfect high priests have been replaced by Jesus, the perfect High Priest. The imperfect mediation between the people and God is now perfect because Jesus is the sole mediator between them.

Our First Sighting

The word atonement is the key that unlocks the book of Leviticus so we can find Jesus, and God gives us this key at the very beginning of the book.

A lamb standing in a footpath

Leviticus, The Cost of Sin

Among other things, Leviticus tells us about the cost of sin. We begin to see that within the enumeration of the various sacrifices and offerings God is spiritually leading the children of Israel as well as physically leading them.

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