God has a plan for you

Dad joke: I’m too poor to pay attention!

God doesn’t have a dream for you because He sees whom He intended you to be before you were ever born. Too often, we deny God because His intent for us is more significant than our trust in Him. Or, perhaps, we are just too distracted by the cares of life to notice the door God’s opened.

God picks individuals and gives them individual assignments. For us to get our assignment, we have to pay attention, and we must have our faith in Jesus, not our faith in our faith.

With great confidence, I can say that God has a great purpose for your life. Perhaps you are already living it. If so, praise God. If not, don’t surrender to “could’a, should’a, would’a”. God’s plan for you is still available. God is the God of second chances. But, it can only be acquired by faith in God. Answer God’s call. Walk with Jesus the next time He calls you, just like the disciples in Matthew 17:1: “…Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James…

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash