Month: March 2021

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God Never Lies

Lies are not just an American Ninja Warrior kind of obstacle course for kids. We all are flooded by a firehose of lies.

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Trusting Jesus

This truth of God being in and by something can be found in everything.

A Christian’s Default

Let us not withhold the Spirit. Let’s allow His fruit to sweeten everyone we meet.

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Tacitly Condemn

It is common for people, even Godly people, to condemn brothers or sisters in Christ if a worldly institution condemns them.

God’s Comfort

Same Comforter My daughter has Irish twins, that is, she gave birth to two babies less than a year apart; her’s are eleven months apart. They are such a blessing to her family and the grandparents. Of course, many times, the “twins” both need to be comforted at the same time but for different reasons; …

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Suddenly Jesus

In an instant, at the call of Jesus, Zacchaeus changed from a greedy person to a philanthropist. When Jesus suddenly does something, He wants us to know that what was before is over, something new now exists.

Hope That Is in You

In our old life, our hopes had no merit. Our hopes deserved nothing and were worth nothing; they were empty thoughts contrived from what we wanted.

Portrait of a couple in love

Withstanding Compromise

We must not think the way worldly people want us to think. We must not act the way worldly people want us to act.

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Disruptive, Destructive, Dangerous

When we consider all the words of Jesus, we see Jesus accurately, and perhaps, differently than who we expect.

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Dudley Do-Right

We may not tell anyone that we fear how others perceive us. We may not even be aware that we suppress a fear of being a Goody Two-Shoes or a Dudley Do-Right.

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